Use private YouTube links to collaborate with producers, writers, other editors and clients.
These links only work if you send them in an email, they are not on YouTube for everyone to see. (delete old ones when the project is over)
All you have to do is a little bit of prep in FCP to make the sequence more user friendly, by adding visual time code or explaining text.

Do this:
-duplicate your final sequence
-give it an Internet safe, short, descriptive name.
-edit for user friendliness.
-nest the video (alt-C)
-add the TC reader from the effects tab.
-this process is real time (1 hour of HD footage takes 1 hour to encode)
-these settings are the SAME for SD Anamorphic and DVCPRO-HD
-File > Export using QuickTime Conversion
Motion: Automatic
Data Rate: Automatic
Audio: AAC 44.1 128 kbps
Fast start, Compressed Header
Always Deinterlace when you compress for the web!


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