Who I am

I got my start producing & editing independent documentaries and feature films and now work for WNET as a freelance Editor, Producer and Consultant. I package and online Great Performances and American Masters shows, including Bocelli in Central Park, Portafino and Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides. I edit for Children And EducationNYC Arts and Promos
I also work with outside producers that deliver to PBS.

Since 2007, I have been training WNET producers who have been asked to perform editing tasks such as logging and transcribing interviews, making simple rough cuts, and editing and finishing packages. I trained people at: World Focus, Need to Know, Great Performances, Sunday Arts, WLIW and on Air Promo’s.

My Reel and Resume

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  1. Michael Scheidt says:

    Good afternoon Mike,

    I look forward to meeting you next week. I am the archivist and librarian here at Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. This will be the first time that I use Final Cut Pro so I will most likely have a lot of questions. For the sake of time, it would probably be best to train me on what I will need to execute my responsibilities.



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