Use Screenflow to capture a web page in action, including video playing on the page.
Look for: ScreenFlow-Tutorial, Shortcuts and manual on the right.

-For capture set your resolution temporarily to 1344×840 (in OSX System Preferences)
This is to make the capture resolution closer to video resolution.
-Find a neutral desktop BG don’t have browser all the way on top. (or export will not be title save)
-Use “Browser zoom” to make pages as big as possible CMD + – (examine this)
-Time and rehearse the moves on the web page.
1. Start screenflow. (Set Audio to computer audio if you need it)
2. Record the web page.
3. Save screen flow project as (in a screen flow folder with your other GFX elements for the show)
4. Add video + Call action
5. Crop at 1344×800 (this is to counter distortion during export/import to FCP)
6. Export out as Custom DVCPRO-HD 1080i60 29.97 1280×1080, Audio PCM, 48k 16bit.


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2 Responses to SCREENFLOW TIPS

  1. Judy Reynolds says:

    Mike, will Screenflow be available on our PC desktops?

  2. Mike says:

    Screenflow is Mac only software, developed by ex-Apple programmers.
    Under the hood it is very complicated because it has to not only record everything on the screen, but also keep track of the mouse.
    Dedicate a person a few hours a day to capture pages of websites that are needed for stories. I think you should all learn to use it, because it is fun and useful to be able to create those visuals for your pieces.

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