Quick Color Correct

For a quick color correct do this:
1. Window > Arrange > Color Correction (shows the scopes)
2. select all clips
3. drag Color Corrector 3-way on the clips
4. drag Broadcast Safe filter on (in that order!)
5. Set Canvas Sync to Open (this will load shots in the timeline into the viewer)

6. adjust shots:
RULE: Exposure first, then Color.
-use the right exposure slider to set the exposure, then the contrast slider to set contrast. (don’t go too far, watch out for blacks getting crushed)
-touch something that you know should be white using the white balance eyedropper
-Set the Hue for the faces in the shot > Look at the Parade display
good balance
Good balancetoo redToo red/yellow
face line

-Face color should fall on the purple face-line in the Vectorscope
-This is true for all races.
-Crop image temporary if other colors are distracting.

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