Transcribing Windows & MAC

Download the free Express Scribe software on any windows or mac machine where you want to transcribe. It lets you playback at variable speed for easy transcribing.
You can also use all kinds of USB pedals.

Prep in FCP for transcribing.
-put all the pieces on a timeline that you want transcribed.
-File > Export > Send to Compressor >
-choose > MP3 for Audio Podcasting under Other Workflows > Podcasting

-double click settings in compressor and create a setting for a 40kbps Mono MP3.

Save this setting for future use.
This process takes 1/12th realtime. 60min takes 5 min to convert.
-Upload to FTP for delivery to external transcriber.
-a 60 min interview comes out as a 18MB MP3 file.
-use this mp3 in Express Scribe.



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