Software recommendations Mac.

Other than your AVID or FCP application you need:
Cyberduck FTP Read and write Microsoft Office documents on edit systems, for reading and writing scripts, logs, etc.

BB edit
For text searches through multiple documents like scrips or log files. A lifesaver when you are looking for quotes in 4000 pages of transcripts of a documentary. Shows you which document it is in and also shows a snippet so that you don’t even have to open that document.

Photoshop CS 5 Extended.





MPEG streamclip

The Swiss army knife of video editing.
The transcoding machine.



Without it you can’t do exports outside FCP


Sequence Clip reporter  Version 1.9.10 LION
For exporting Excel spread sheets of  FCP cuts.
You don’t need it with AVID 5 or 6 because it is build in as the Sequence report.

Screenflow Version 3.0.2 LION
It’s simply a reality to put webpages on TV
This lets you record a web page in action.



Firefox with Download Helper add on.
Download your favorite web video.




load commercial DVD’s

Transcribing, cross platform, Windows /Mac
Also works with cheap pedals.

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