How long do certain postproduction workflows take. Using 2×3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2008 Mac-Pro.

90min same as source DNxHD-145, 1920×1080, 108GB
H264 640×380 1GB > 3hours

Flatten 30 min DVCPRO-HD from a RENDERED! timeline >1/3 Realtime

DVCPRO-HD-60i takes up 60 GB/hr > 1GB/min.
DV50 takes up 30 GB /hr
Copy to/from sharepoint > FW800 =4GB/min or 240GB/hr
It takes 1 hour to copy 4 hours of footage or ¼ running time.

Create end-crawl
from 2 pages of text, no special formatting >1 hour
With special alignment > range from 3 hours to 8 hours
Add one tower third > 15 min. Fix typo > 1 min
With more than 1 lower third it usually goes faster after the font, drop shadow etc. are figured out but don’t under estimate. Schedule one hour for 4 lower thirds.
Create string-outs from 3 hours of raw footage on P2 cards > 5 min.


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